China Still On Talk With Dalai Lama Is Provocative

The Chinese Communist government view of the world is that any nation which speaks to the Dalai Lama is, by definition, interfering in the internal affairs of the Chinese republic. President Sarkozy met with the Dalai Lama over the weekend, and, most probably, urged him to work for peace with the Chinese government. But, the mere fact, Sarkozy dared to speak with someone classified by the Chinese as an “unspeakable one” means France is on the road to destroying its relations with China. “The Chinese government firmly opposes and strongly protests to the action.” Of course, the “action,” consisted of speaking with someone. According to the Chinese version of events, they had good relations with France until Sarkozy began his hostile actions by having a speaking engagement with the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese government still does not grasp that in the modern world, no nation can tell other nations who they can speak with and who they can not speak with. One doubts if China will give President Sarkozy a veto on which nations China is allowed to trade with or receive delegations from to its country. The Dalai Lama wants peace with China, he accepts the concept China will govern his land, but only asked for extended local autonomy.