China Supports Musharraf Actions On Martial Law

The Chinese government offered President Musharraf complete support in his imposition of martial law, removal of Supreme Court justices and arrest of hundreds of lawyers seeking establishment of constitutional government. Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Lui Jianchao said: “We believe the Pakistan government and people have the ability to solve their own problems and hope Pakistan could maintain stability and development.” After Musharraf initially announced postponement of elections for a year, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz yesterday said general elections would proceed according to schedule. As he spoke, a new Pakistan Supreme Court was sworn into office. It is expected they will support Musharraf’s bid for the presidency. Aziz promised there would be no censorship.

China continues its policy of cooperation with dictatorships because its economic development takes paf riority over other aspects of Chinese society. Musharraf apparently has backed down somewhat from his original draconian decisions to ignore elections. Most probably, with a stacked Supreme Court he feels comfortable imposing his will without fear of contradiction.