China Upset At Congressional Resolution

The Chinese government expressed its concern over a resolution passed by the Foreign Affairs committee in the US House of Representatives that expressed “support on Taiwan’s democratic election.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry interpreted the move as an attempt to interfere with the concept of a “One-China” policy which is at the heart of China’s relations with the United States. The Chinese expressed their view there was a lack of understanding among members of Congress regarding the issues involved in this issue.

The current members of the House of Representatives are unfamiliar with the historic development of American policy toward China over the past fifty years. They apparently do not understand how successive American presidents were greatly influenced by the “China Lobby” that opposed recognition of Communist China and wanted America to be prepared to take military action against the Chinese communists. The continual interference in the internal affairs of China during this time period is hopefully at an end. Taiwan is not threatened by Chinese military action and over time the Taiwanese and Chinese will resolve this issue. There is no need for America to issue resolutions which only inflame the situation.

China should also be sensitive to the workings of the House of Representatives whose members are greatly influenced by local pressures.