China Upset At Human Rights Criticism

For some reason Chinese officials are upset at the United States for criticism of their human rights record despie the fact the State Department removed China from its blacklist of the worst human rights abusers. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said his nation welcomed “suggestions and criticisms offered out of goodwill,” but he lashed out at anyone who dares suggests that China in any way interfers with the right of people to dissent. Of course, that will be welcome news to the hundreds of dissidents who yearly are sent to jail for the crime of criticising the govenment. Apparently, their words were not accepted as coming in a spirit of “goodwill.”

The State department report points out reporters are monitored by the government, many face harassment or arrest for writing the wrong things– obviously not in a spirit of good will. Ironically, the State Department was blasted by groups like Reporters Without Borders for dropping China from the list of abusers. It argued: “The situation in China is not, of course, comparable to the one in North Korea or in Eritrea, but Washington’s decision occurs at the worst possible time, just when the situation is worsening prior to the opening of the Olympic Games.”