China Urges Myanmar Leader To Respect UN Pleas

Premier Wen Jiabao of China told Myanmar’s Prime Minister Thein Sein that the people of his nation must make final determinations as to their future, but the “international community should provide constructive assistance.” He urged the Burma leader to work with the UN special envoy, Ibrahim Gambari on finding a peaceful solution. The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN)rejected calls by the United States Senate for suspension of Myanmar from that organization and imposition of economic sanctions. Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hu Sen said “Economic sanctions are not good, they will lead to disaster for the civilian population.”

The trouble with China or SEAN is their belief the people of Myanmar somehow are in a position to decide what is in their best interests. In the best of all worlds, if the Burmese people had any say in what goes on in Myanmar, the outside world should stay out of their business, but, in reality, a brutal dictatorship of generals is determining what will occur. Talk is cheap, but action on the part of China can impose real pressure on the military junta. However, that most probably will not happen.