China Urges Obama To Veto Arms Sales To Taiwan

The Chinese government has increasingly grown wary of President Bush’s attitude toward Taiwan and is very concerned over a recent American decision to sell that country $6.5 billion of arms. A spokesperson for Foreign Minister Qin Gang, said: “We hope that the US side will abide by its promise to respect the ‘one-China’ policy and oppose Taiwan independence.” Chinese officials are reaching out to newly elected Barack Obama and urging him to void the arms sales after he becomes president and engage with China in discussing the future of Taiwan. “The Chinese government holds a positive and open attitude toward contacts with Obama and his team, since it is conducive to a stable transition and he healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations.”

It becomes clear with each passing day how world leaders are disgusted with George Bush and seek to work with a new leader who is interested in solving, not creating problems. China wants peace, not hostility with the United States and hopefully, Barack Obama can help create such a partnership.

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  • Roger M. Insularintellect

    Arms sales to Taiwan should be stopped, but not for the reasons advanced by the PRC leadership.

    Arms sales to Taiwan should be stopped because in the current era (since 1952 actually), Taiwan has been an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of the military arm of the US government. Hence, according to the “common defense” clause of the US Constitution, the DOD in the Pentagon must take charge of all of Taiwan’s “national defense” needs directly.

    See full details on Taiwan’s legal status in the recent Brief presented to the US Court of Appeals —