China Warns Australia About Dangerous Dalai Lama

The Chinese government issued a bitter denunciation of Australia’s allowing the notorious terrorist, the Dalai Lama, to visit the country and meet with the Prime Minister. The Chinese claimed he was not a religious leader, but engaged in “splittest activities and destroying national unity.”

China recently built a high speed railroad extension into Tibet and thousands of ethnic Chinese are moving into that region for jobs. Tibetan culture is under assault and religious leaders are harassed and prevented from carrying out their responsibilities. There is little doubt the Chinese government hopes over the coming twenty years that Tibet will be ethnically altered as non-Tibetans eventually become the majority.

The Chinese government is going to accomplish its goals, but still feels the need to attack the Dailai Lama as some sort of danger. On his visit to Australia, the Dalai Lama talked to a few political leaders who showed him some courtesy, but will not do anything that interferes with Australia’s $52 billion trade exchange with China. Let’s get real. Oh, the Dalai Lama did engage in some of his splittest activities while in Australia. He visited the zoo and had his picture taken with children.