China-We Clean Our Snow-Do Your Own!

The Chinese government has made clear it will handle individuals within their society who apparently do not understand that in a democratic nation one has responsibilities and duties to obey those in charge.Gao Zhisheng, a human rights activist who rose from being an orphan boy in a cave to become among the top lawyers in his country is missing. He spent years in court rooms in Beijing defending poor people, defending those who homes had been taken by authorities, defending those who dared to raise their voices in protest, and his reward was to be seized by police and then tortured. After months of being daily pistol whipped, assaulted day and night by guards, temporarily blinded and having his face bound in a wet towel that nearly suffocated him, the activist was released last April. He gave an interview with the foreign media and warned that it might be his last opportunity to speak freely. He was once again arrested last April and no one knows what has happened to him.

Western leaders fear even inquiring about the fate of human right activists. A curtain of silence covers entering into any conversation what would indicate concern for those who stand tall in the struggle to establish a democratic China. If any western leader dares to express interest in the fate of these brave men and women, they will receive the answer China’s Ambassador to England provides: “It’s up to each of us to clear the snow in his doorstep.” Spoken like a true friend of democracy in China.