China Will Recall Arms Shipment To Zimbabwe

The Chinese government said its ship which was carrying weapons destined for the Robert Mugabe terrorist government of Zimbabwe will most probably be recalled because of difficulties in delivering the goods. The Chinese ship has created an uproar in many African nations such as South Africa where dockworkers refused to unload the cargo of weapons they knew would be used against the people of Zimbabwe. Jiang Yu, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said the shipment was part of normal trade with Zimbabwe and the contract had ben signed before the last election when problems arose in that nation.

The Chinese government still doesn’t grasp that if it wishes to be treated an an important nation in the world, it must also consider moral consequences of its trading policies. The behavior of the United States or Britain does not excuse this failure to recognize no arms should be sent to Mugabe’s thugs anymore than China should support the genocidal policies of the Sudan government. It is time for the great nation of China to act in a manner conducive to their new responsibiities as a world leader.