China Seeks US-Japanese Support On Taiwan Issue

The recent election on Taiwan which resulted in victory for the Nationalist Party should have been a welcome indication to China that Taiwanese seek to maintain positive relations with the mainland government. Howeveer, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi went out of his wayin an interview with Russian journalists to emphasize “China hopes the United States and Jpan will carry out their promises of not supporting Taiwan independence.” Yang told the Russian reporters Taiwan is an emotional and political issue which his government insists must be resolved in a manner that respects the integrity and soverignty of the Chinese people.

The Taiwan issue was created at the same time as Communists gained control on the mainland and drove the last remaining Nationalist soliders to the safety of Taiwan. In that era, China lacked the military power to launch an invasion of the island due to America’s support for the Nationalist government of Chiang kai-shek. Unfortunately, the foreign minister does not grasp how the Tibet situation and its brutality in suppressing Tibet’s culture and values frightens people on Taiwan. The best way to reduce the influence of those seeking independence from China is to initiate discussions wih the Dalai Lama, encourage more local control in Tibet and allow Tibetans greater local autonomy. Those actions will ensure that Taiwan will drop any effort to declare itself an independent nation.