CNN-We Don’t Like You Says China

The Chinese government has embarked on a vigorous campaign against CNN for its alleged biased reporting of events in Tibet. It is puting out videos such as “Don’t Be Too CNN”which lampoon the TV network for showing footage during the Tibet crackdown by the Chinese government that, most probably, presented incorrect information along with accurate coverage. There is even a song which has lines such as: “Don’t think that repeating something over and over again means lies become truth.” Many people were infuriated by comments that used expressions in describing behavior of Chinese armed forces as being carried out by “goons and thugs.”

The Chinese people are in the midst of a huge outpouring of nationalism and patriotism, most probably sparked by the upcoming Olympic Games. In a sense, the Olympics are the last event that will finally put to rest resentment felt by being oppressed for decades by European imperialists. All nations that were colonized need some such therapeutic event to cleanse their soul of a past that was humiliating. It is unfortunate that CNN presented some incorrect media material.