Spielberg–Stay In Hollywood- Exclaims People’s Daily!

The People’s Daily, a spokesperson for the Chinese government, blasted Steven spielberg for his decision to resign as artistic adviser to the Olympics due to China’s failure to take decisive action on the issue of genocide in Darfur. The Chinese newspaper editorial referred to a Western film director as being “naive and simple minded” who dared raising the issue of Darfur. Spielberg was described as exibiting the “unique” qualities of a Hollywood celebrity and his “naivety or innocence” shows how he and Western media are ignorant if not funny.

The People’s Daily argued the death of hundreds of thousands and displacement of over a milliion was “neither created by China” which has nothing to do with this tragedy. Naturally, the Chinese newspaper resurrected Western imperialism and colonial rule insisting the Western media wants to push around China as Westerners did in the past. They argue the right thing to do is focusing on the Olympics and making it a great world event.

Neither Steven Spielberg nor world newspapers are castng blame for Darfur on the shoulders of Chna. The Chinese government has great influence in the Sudan and can exert pressure on its government to halt Janjaweed raids. The only thing asked of China is to act like the great power it has become and to assist those in need. As a nation which was oppressed, the Chinese should understand better than Western imperialist dogs the importance of outside forces reaching in to give assistance to the oppressed.