China’s Migrant Population At 150,000,000!

The city of Beijing is experiencing a dramatic rise in the number of migrants entering the environs of the nation’s capital. It is estimated there are now 5.4 million migrants among the 17 million people in the city. Experts calculate that Beijing’s water and food facilities can best accommodate about 14 million. The vast majority of migrants work at labor-intensive occupations and they apparently are not adhering strictly to China’s policy of one child per family. There is some evidence they exceed the figure and, given they live in horrible housing it is believed children are experiencing severe social problems during their childhood.

China now has about 150,000,000 migrants wandering the nation at any one point in time. The issues facing China in dealing with migrants make other nations like the United States feel as though their migrant situation is not that bad. In the coming years, China’s migrant population will grow even larger causing incredible issues for education, health, and social interactions.