China’s Much Ado About Nothing

The island of Taiwan is engaged in an effort to hold a referendum which would allow it to apply for membership in the United Nations. China holds firmly to the idea Taiwan is an integral part of their nation which at this point in time has yet to be integrated within the nation. Jiang Enzhu, speaking for the Chinese government, warned Taiwan authorities they would pay a dear price if they continued these efforts to become an independent nation with membership in the United Nations. He insisted “safeguarding peace across the Taiwan Straits has been the most important and most urgent task for the compatriots on both sides of the Straits.”

There is no question the UN would turn down any Taiwan application for membership if one should be submitted. It simply is not going to happen and there is no need for China to issue bellicose statements threatening dire consequences. This issue was settled thirty years ago when President Nixon visited China and essentially ended America’s hope that China would end its communist government. It is time for Chinese authorities to relax and allow Taiwan political leaders to make sounds of independence that will never happen.