China’s New Strategy For The Future

China’s top think tank, the Chinese Academcy of Social Science(CASS) has published a report which outlines a potential new foreign policy strategy for its nation. The report, “China’s Modernization 2008″ suggest pushing a brand new concept called, “Peace Dove Strategy” that is linked to the UN Charter and would endeavor to foster world peace. This approach seeks to build an Asian-Pacific economic Cooperation alliance which would dove tail with an Asia-Europe Economic alliance. South America, Oceana and Africa would bring up the rear in having China be a proactive leader in developing economic relations throughout the world.

The strategy certainly fits into China’s economic drive which presents witnesses their involvement in developing resources throughout the world including significant investments in Africa, South America and Asian nations. It is interesting the strateg makes scant reference to the United States or to North America. There is more focus on areas like Australia and southeast Asia than on dealing with America in the future. Perhaps, the Chnese recognize that as the United States becomes bogged down in the Middle East it enables an active player such as China to become dominant in other areas of the world. This is merely another fall out from Bush’s disastrous engagement in Iraq. Apparently, Bush would rather be triumphant in Iraq and allow China to exert its influence in the rest of the world.