Chinese College Students Heading Overseas

The dramatic rise in the number of Chinese high school graduates which this year topped fifteen million is part of the continued increase in the number of Chines students headed for foreign campuses. It is expected about 200,000 Chinese students will be attending colleges all over the world with at least 50,000 in the United States of America. As the US dollar dros in value it enables Chinese students to have greater financial access to American colleges. Another 30,000 are headed to Canada. Australia is making a push to become a center for Chinese students by recently creating an 18 month visa for skilled students

In December, 2007, about one tenth of Chinese college graduates had still to secure a job in their homeland. This lack of opportunity is sparking their desire to seek work elsewhee in the world. We can expect the trend to continue as China expands its education and produces millions of more college students who graduat without ready access to employment in their homeland.