Chinese Dissident To Jail For 11 Years– Boycott?

Liu Xiaobo is a dissident in China. He resides in a nation that has become a leading world power and whose products are displayed in virtually all countries of the world. His crime is simple, he wants China to become a nation of laws and rights. Liu has called for the establishment of political parties along with free speech and free elections. A court, after a two hour trial, found him guilty of being a subversive because he held such outlandish ideas. The sentence was 11 years which is among the longest such sentences against a dissident in years. Naturally, there were statements from foreign groups that fight for human rights, naturally, the Chinese government issued the normal how dare you interfere in the internal affairs of our country press release.

News of the trial was only printed in English in order to keep the people of China ignorant of this gross violation of human rights. Protests will not change anything. We propose a world wide boycott of all Chinese products for 11 days in order to send a message to the Chinese government that there are consequences for violating the human rights of its citizens.