Chinese Version- Happy Campers Celebrating In Urumqi

As always, in Communist China, there are no problems, just people having some fun and in the process a few get injured. The Chinese media is making certain their nation receives plenty of stories and pictures of happy and loving Han and Uighurs working together in a city under conflict due to the actions of a few malcontent Hans and Uighurs. Over 200 are probably dead and thousands wounded, but to the Chinese media, it is best to look at the bright side, there are millions of people who never became involved in any rioting. For some reason, this minor affair caused President Hu Jintao to hurriedly leave a major meeting of world leaders, skip a meeting with President Obama and cancel a state trip to Portugal. The departure reveals Chinese leaders were surprised by the extent of the violence, and divided on how to handle still another outbreak of ethnic anger.

The reality is that Han residents of the capital city feel safe, but Uighurs are remaining inside their homes and keeping children from school due to fear they will be attacked by Han hooligans. According to local Communist party chief, U Zhi, “A handful of Han attackd Uighurs and there were a handful of Uighurs who attacked Han.” Now, that the handful of peace disturbers are in jail, everything has returned to joyous happiness in the happy land of Communist China.