Cholera Moves From Zimbabwe To Other African Nations

Nations in southern regions of Africa increasingly are concerned about the spread of cholera from Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government is led by tyrannical Robert Mugabe whose concern for power is more important than the lives of the population. There was no cholera last year,but Mugabe made the choice of destroying his opponent in order to maintain power. Latest reports indicate that 2,100 have died of cholera and the number of cases continues to rise. Unfortunately, cholera is now spreading to Zambia and South Africa. Zambia hs seen 2,108 cases of cholera due to the madness that envelops Zimbabwe.

South African health officials say they are now encountering cases of cholera that must have originated in Zimbabwe. Former president Mibeki refused for months to exert pressure on his close friend, Robert Mugabe, and the result is that South Africans now face a cholera problem. Until nations of Africa unite to end tyranny, there will always be issues of disease caused by human ineptitude.