Chris Christie Knows Right People

These may not be the worst of times for Governor Chris Christie, but they certainly are not the best of times. His dream of running for the Oval Office is over, and, most probably, his days as governor of the state of New Jersey will conclude in the coming years. The fiasco surrounding closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge has now been surpassed by the latest episode. In fairness to Christie, this is an off told tale of political corruption which is now part of the American scene. A major new mall and housing development was given a grant of $223.3 million in order to construct something called, Luxury Point. I gather the government of New Jersey decided that it had sufficient funds to award a few hundred million to a corporate entity controlled by the financial giant known as Prudential.

I sometimes,being naive,do not quite understand why governments give millions, sorry,billions to the corporate world so they can construct things which provide profit to the corporation, but not to the government which loaned the money. Oh, various corporate entities controlled by Prudential did give Governor Christie about $125,000 when he ran for the position that he now holds. Of course, there is NO connection between given dough to politicians and getting a few hundred million. Oh, Prudential did give $7,500 to a Democrat. So, fair is fair.

God bless the corporations of America. As for the people of America, we are stuck with the Devil, himself!