Chris Christie Rants Lies

Chris Christie rambled on in his typical forceful manner about the great job he has done as Governor of New Jersey which is now a model of what can be done by reducing government involvement in the economy. The national unemployment rate is 8.2% but due to the courageous work of Christie, his state has an unemployment rate that exceeds 9%. Chris promised that once Republicans were elected to run the American government partisan behavior would cease. It is rather easy according to Chris, Democrats simply accept the ideas of Republicans and this ends partisan behavior in Congress.

I listened to his speech in hope of hearing any specific concrete proposals, but all that was promised was to restore America to greatness, end debts, and reduce taxes. Of course, when George Bush entered the presidency in 2001 the National Debt was $5 trillion and when he left it was $11 Trillion. Elect Republicans if you desire higher debt.

Oops, Chris did say something that I found pleasant to hear, he promised to work every single day for the election of Romney, all 355 days of the year.  See, elect Republicans and they even cut the number of days in the year!