Christ Against Female Clergy Rights?

I have no idea as to what Jesus Christ would think about females occupying key roles in the Christian church for the simple reason, as far as I know, he never established any Christian church. It fascinates me how members of the clergy are in contact with Jesus and know what he thinks about their ideas cocerning women in the church. Five bishops resigned from the Anglican Church because they are “dismayed” to see their beloved church considering equal rights to women. They believe current moves to open the church to gays as well as women is simply a reflection the Church of England has moved “further apart on some issues of the day.” They are convinced the Anglican church actions are “incomaptible” with 2000 years of Christian tradition.

There are several problems with arguments of these bishops. There was no “Christian church” in existence 2000 years ago. Christians 2000 years ago did not have any of contemporary Christian practices. And, there is no specific statement by Christ that he did not want women or gays to have equal rights to follow his ideas.