Christ Said, “And The Wealthy Shall Bring Happiness”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is enthused about the Big Society. From what we have been able to ascertain, the original concept was developed in a cave in Palestine by a bearded man who wandered around spouting stuff about how God so dearly loved the rich that he promised all who could pay the fare a place in Heaven. He did have trouble with the shiftless lazy poor who compelled society to take care of them rather than devoting its entire resources to support those who made millions, pounds, that is. Steve Moore, a spokesperson for the Big Society, emphasizes that social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business and foundations will be in charge of merry olde England in order to get those fat poor slobs off their butts and begin to work and make money, After all, it is the wealthy who have “bold imagination” and it is through their wondrous efforts that England now has an economic recession.

But, for those of you not too quick about economics, let me explain. Big business had to create a recession in order to end wasteful government spending and make the poor earn their keep. Businessmen and bankers were FORCED by LIBERALS who mouthed protect the middle class and poor people to take drastic steps like a collapsed business environment. That became the catalyst to reduce government expenditures!

A new report chaired by Lord Renard is attempting to sabotage the effort of the Big Society. It claims cuts in the voluntary sector were “over-rapid and poorly managed.” It has led to cynicism among voters as to whether the government represents their interests or those of the wealthy. Such talk is simply, “un-Christian.” After all, Christ came to save the wealthy from evil poor people, didn’t He?