Christian Mother To Die For Blasphemy

Let me get clear on who the United States is fighting in Asia. I have been told our men and women in the armed forces are fighting against fundamentalist Muslims who oppose women rights and impose Sharia law when in power. In other words, we Americans are risking our lives to protect woman against being abused and oppressed by Muslim clerics. I have also been informed our major ally in this struggle is the nation of Pakistan. Yesterday in Pakistan, a court sentenced a Christian woman, mother of five children, to death because she was accused of uttering an insult against the Prophet Muhammad. Asia Bibi was working in the field when some Muslim workers asked her to fetch a bowl of water. She did and when the women saw her hand on the bowl they became furious because a Christian hand had touched THEIR BOWL!! As anyone knows, the Prophet Muhammad was opposed to having any Christian or Jew or pagan touch a bowl of water that would be given to Muslims. The women in the field went to a local cleric and charged Mrr.Bibi with blasphemy. A “trial” proceeded and Judge Iqhal ruled blasphemy had occurred and there was not a doubt in his mind that Mrs. Bibi was a horrible person and there were no mitigating circumstances to rethink his decision to send her to be killed.

There are about three million non-Muslims in Pakistan and they are mainly the targets of such nonsense. Last July, two Christian brothers were shot to death for writing a pamphlet that made critical remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. I guess it is now clear. We Americans are allies of a fundamentalist nation which kills Christians for touching bowls of water. I’m glad that was cleared up for me.