Christian-Muslim Violence Erupts In Egypt

Among the unreported topics in the American media is the growth in anti-Christian behavior in the Middle East including supposed allies such as Iraq and Egypt. The past decade has witnessed a dramatic decline in safety for Christians as Muslim fundamentalists use the Iraq war as a weapon in recruiting those who oppose any form of non-Muslim behavior. Sectarian conflicts between Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims has been on the rise in recent years. A few days ago, violence erupted in the village of Al-Tayeba when a Christian merchant refused to sell sticks that bus drivers wanted to use in fighting. In the ensuing riot several Christians were wounded and many shops were destroyed. In 2006, there were three days of sectarian violence after a Muslim stabbed a Coptic Christian to death.

The Egyptian government has not confronted issues of multiculturalism and diversity of religion in their nation even though Coptic Christians represent ten percent of the population. There is need for educational programs and for organizing coalitions of Christian and Muslim clerics in order to create a new environment in which respect for religious diversity is paramount.

  • joe six-pack

    Islam is much, much more than just a religion. (As we in the west understand religion)

    For many Arabs, this IS a war to protect Islam from the west. This war has been going on since long before the crusades.