Christian Rights In Egypt

Muslims who live in the nation of Israel are perfectly jusified in complaining about abuse of their rights and are correct in wondering if men like Avigdor Lieberman will be successful in driving them from their native land. Similar feelings are also common in Egypt which has ten percent of its population composed of Coptic Christians. The one year rule of Mohammed Musri frightened Coptics since his administration blatanly abused Christians and endeavored to create a Constitution which made Egypt a “Muslim nation” that allowed Sharia law to replace civil law. Coptic activist Marciellano Youssef is concerned that a new constitution would reflect the religious diversity that exists in Egypt. He wants attention paid to the “compromised citizenship rights that Coptics and Christians, in general, have been facing.” Their is no doubt that Coptics confront physical attacks as well as denying them equal rights in society.

Among the rights demanded by Coptics are: the right to build churches, an end to discrimination in employment, those who attack Coptics to be subject to the rule of law, and a sense within society that Coptics are Egyptians. In other words, the same rights demanded by Muslims in Israel.