Christian Terrorists Strike!

Each time a terrorist who is of the Muslim religion, media makes clear this is a MUSLIM  terrorists. Bill Maher insists there is something wrong with the Muslim religion to spawn such terrorists. Of course, those of the Christian religion murdered over NINETY MILLION PEOPLE during the 20th century. Actually, during the initial year of the 21st century, Christian mobs in African nations have murdered thousands of Muslims. Of course, in fairness, Muslim mobs have murdered thousands of Christians.

Christian snipers murdered five Dallas police officers. It is clear the snipers were blacks who hate whites. Frankly, there is no surprise at the reality of A black person deciding to kill and kill policemen. Frankly, it was simply a matter of time  before some deranged person, who could have been white or black skinned, reached the conclusion it was time to get revenge against white cops who over and  over again murder black males.

This terrorism was simply a time bomb waiting to go off. We need a new attitude among police to: report any incident in which a fellow officer displayed prejudice. We need cops to report on cops who are rogue killers. And, we have to realize that terrorism is not simply a MUSLIM THING. Five cops were murdered, the suspect has been killed.