Christians Die In Egypt-Any Protests To Follow?

I am always fascinated how young men and women in Europe or in Middle Eastern nations become furious at actions of the Israel armed forces which result in death of the innocent. However, these same young men and women are remarkably silent when Israelis are killed or when Christians are killed. We can only assume the protestors suffer from “selective anger syndrome.” It was New Year’s eve in Alexandria, Egypt when a suicide bomber entered a church and proceeded to blow him or herself up in the name of God. Twenty one innocent humans died and over 70 were injured due to the blast. Governor Adel Labb of Alexandria identified the source of this death event: “the al-Qaida organization threatened to attack churches inside Egypt. The massacre has al-Qaida written all over it.” Christians are being killed in Iraq, thousands of Christians are being forced to leave Iraq even tough they have lived in the area for centuries, and well before the Muslim religion existed. This is a Christmas in which Muslim terrorists are killing Christians.

Where are Muslim clerics willing to condemn such actions? Where are European human right people who will get on a boat and head to Israel? Silence regarding murders of Christians is the silence of hypocrisy.