Christians Flee For Lives In Iraq

There were approximately 1,000,000 Christians living in peace under the regime of Saddam Hussein, but now thanks to America’s adventure in bringing democracy to their land, a majority of these people have fled for safety. Chaldean Catholics, who were the largest Christian denomination, once had 80 churches functioning in Baghdad, today only 8 are still active. A delegation of Christian bishops representing a cross section of all denominations claimed Bush policies had completely disrupted the lives of Christians in Iraq. As one told the newspaper, Azzaman, “This democracy this man(George Bush) has brought us is that of tanks, kidnappings, random killings, car bombings, and massive marauding armies who go about their work with impunity.” It is rather ironic that George Bush, who claims to be a born again Christian, has done more to wipe out Christianity in Iraq than any other figure in the history of that country.

Iraqi Christians have lived in that area of the world for over 1500 years and predate the arrival of Muslims. As one bishop noted, the Bush “surge” has resulted in religious cleansing of Baghdad with most Christians forced to flee the areas in which they have lived for hundreds of years. There is little doubt a majority of Iraqi Christians have fled to other nations. This is another unreported story about Bush’s failures in Iraq.