Christie Supports Equality For Drivers!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a fighter for freedom for all people. He wants everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car to have the right to drive straight ahead on the road to economic freedom. Oh, the LIBERALS are attacking this brave hero who is ready to physically take on, not just one or two, but a dozen elementary school teachers in a wrestling match for freedom. He is a fearless fighter for the right to steal the state of New Jersey blind. Make a list of the ten most powerful political bosses in the state of New Jersey and you can bet Chris is their buddy for life. For some reason this brave man is being charged with manipulating life in New Jersey in order to hold down the number who drive across the George Washington Bridge. Have you been on that bridge in the morning? Thank God Chris held down the number driving across the bridge.

Anyway, Chris is under attack by the LIBERAL MEDIA and he informed those at the Conservative Political Action Conference that reports of his being a moderate are simply propaganda by LIBERALS to destroy the career of true conservatives. Heck, he is against raising minimum wages because “we don’t have an inequality problem, we have an opportunity inequality problem.”

I trust you follow his reasoning. OK, so 5% of Americans own 45% of the wealth. OK, so 85 families on this planet have more wealth than over three billion people. That is simply the law of equality in action. Anyone who cannot raise a family of four on $7.50 an hour is simply lazy and shiftless. And, next time, you Democrat fink driver if you vote Republican don’t expect to get all away over the bridge. Some never complete the drive.