Christie The True Christian?

Chris Christie delivered his Kris Kringle Xmas presents a little early this year. There is a strategy behind his aggressive challenge to Republican orthodoxy. Christie intends to antagonize the Tea Party in order to become the Republican candidate for president in 2016. Here is the strategy:

1. Pose as a moderate. Initially, oppose gay marriage, and then accept it. On both sides.

2. Hope the Tea Party hates him. This makes Independents more willing to accept him as their candidate for president.

3. Pose as the only man willing to work in a cooperative mode with Democrats.

4. Talk about rebuilding America and getting people back to jobs.

5. Simply ignore issues such as abortion. Don’t discuss it, hopefully you can not be accused of being for or against it.

6. Support immigration reform.

7. Above all, give Barack Obama an occasional hug for bipartisanship.