Christie’s BridgeGate

Millions of Americans are without jobs, a few million have just had their unemployment benefits ended, and what is a major concern within the political arena in this nation–BridgeGate! It turns out the mayor of Ft. Lee, a small town people in New Jersey pass through on their way to the George Washington bridge have a mayor, Mark Sokolich, who dared to reject demands by those working for Governor Chris Christie to support the hefty guy in his re-election campaign. In retaliation for this rebuff, lanes were closed leading to the bridge which created chaos for automobiles and resulted in traffic jams unknown in many a year. Christie’s assistant, Bridget Kelly, wanted to make clear to any official in the state of New Jersey that when the hefty one runs for an office, one must provide hefty support to his candidacy or face the prospect of traffic jams unknown to modern times. Naturally, Chris did not know anything about BridgeGate. “I am who I am but I am not a belly.” That statement comes from the depth of his belly.

The governor is “humiliated and embarrassed by the conduct of some of the people on his team.” I have a hunch what is most embarrassing is to get caught. He will make a trip to Ft. Lee and apologize to Mayor Sokolich, much in the manner that President Nixon went to China to make good with Chairman Mao Zedong. Rush Limbaugh in this case is against the Republican because Christie is not a “true Republican.” He actually worked with President Obama during the hurricane season. There are crimes in the Republican handbook and there are “crimes” that can not be ignored.