Christie’s Nixon Moment!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference in order to explain how people he appointed to government jobs created a massive traffic jam on lanes leading into the George Washington bridge because the mayor of Ft. Lee dared to refuse providing an endorsement for the governor in his campaign for re-election last fall. Chris made clear that “I am not a bully.” He went on during the following one hour and forty-seven minute oration to also make clear he was defiant, humble, contrite, angry, self indulgent, mysterious, ignorant, and, just perhaps, told a few lies in defense of his quest to become a president of the United States of America. Bridgegate has become his Watergate and, like Richard Nixon, his attempt to prove that he was a victim just does not come across.

Bridget Kelly, who works on his staff, and a group of men he appointed to key positions on the Port Authority decided to behave like kindergarten children by closing two lanes as part of a reported, “traffic study” in order to punish the Ft.Lee mayor. Of course, until emails emerged proving they were on a campaign of punishment, Governor Christie supported the lie of “traffic study.” The man who claims to be a Victim has insulted people who dare to question him with negative comments, punished an ex-governor by stripping him of police support and made clear to anyone who is not on his team there is a price for denying the pudgy man what he desires in life.

Question: “what did he know, when did he know and how come a man who demands complete obedience allowed his cronies such independence?” Just asking, governor.