Christine O’Donnell Reporting From Mice Center!

A spectre is haunting the liberal media in America, a spectre is haunting all those who oppose the truth from emerging. It can now be revealed that Christine O’Donnell, who upset liberal Republicans in the Senate primary in Delaware, is prepared to let the American people know that truth behind mice experiments by liberal scientists who seek to betray this nation. She initially in a 2007 interview with Bill O’Reilly, informed the public what her secret mice agents had learned. “American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans with animals and coming up with mice with full functioning human brains.” During the ensuing campaign Ms. O’Donnell will reveal the names of those members of the Democratic party who are, in reality, mice. How can she make this information known? Christine was able to win over one of these mice while at a party and instead of the mouse turning into a horse to drag her carriage away from the ball with the prince, the mouse decided to squeal. She has access to all records of those passing for humans who really are mice.

Ask yourself one question– why is Barack Obama unable to come up with a birth certificate? How can he! Barack Obama is really a mouse who now has, not merely a human brain, but a human body! First human brains, then human bodies, that is the mice plan to take over the world! God Bless Christine O’Donnell for saving the human race from extinction, thank God there is still a remaining human in our midst who has the courage of Christine!! By the way, take a closer look at that man or woman who shares your bed. Do they ever squeal?