Christine O’Donnell Stands Down From Witches!

I can never figure out the thinking process of conservative Republicans. During the time period, 2001-2008, they believed fervently in higher debts, in wars, in making certain the federal government does not balance the budget, but suddenly they deny what they so fervently defended! Now, Christine O’Donnell, that sage of wisdom and knowledge became furious on the Piers Morgan show when asked about her belief in witches.

For the record, Christine no longer believes in witches, or at least, today she doesn’t believe in them, who knows what she will believe in tomorrow. After all, she is a conservative Republican and remaining steadfast in a belief is simply not part of their religion.  Frankly, I am upset she denies being a member of this persecuted minority. After all, Wiccans should have rights!

I want to welcome any and all members of the Wiccan religion to this blog. We are certain there are witches just as there is Santa Claus. As far as I know, no one denies Santa just because some people don’t like him. By the way Wiccans, does Santa Claus come to your children with Christmas gifts? Just asking.