Christine Taylor-Green, A Woman For The Ages!

Christine Taylor-Green was born on September 11, 2001 and died in January, 2011. She was nine, but her heart and mind reflected an individual who was wise and imaginative beyond her age. She played on a boy’s baseball team– her grandfather was a famous baseball manager– and she loved to climb trees and assist those in life who were in poverty. One could write about her as though Christine was some sort of child saint, but her life reflects more than a cliche. She is a model for all youth in this nation. At a time when cynicism and political apathy runs rampant this nine year old puts most teen age Americans to shame. She had heart, she had dreams, she actually believed this nation could become a force for peace in the world. Ah, the cliches of childhood one could respond. A nation whose youth lacks dreams is a nation lacking a soul. A nation whose youth regards their personal life as the sum total of what is important lacks a spirit of community which all great nations possess.

Catholic Bishop Gerald Kisconan said of her: “she wanted to make a difference in life, to make her mark. She has done so in such a powerful way that even she could have imagined.” I ordinarily do not write about little girls, but in this case, she puts me to shame. I wish at her age my thoughts could have been so global in spirit. I wish every teen ager could begin to recognize their age group must assume leadership of a society in which adults reach out to fear and hatred. Ignore your elders, they are consumed with hysteria, with anger and with support for idiots. Youth, follow the lead of this brave and insightful young girl.