Christmas In Cairo

Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas in January unlike other Christians in the world who insist Jesus was born in December. Coptic Christians represent about 10% of the population of Egypt and predate Muslims by at least seven hundred years. Somehow, they have continued practicing their Christian religions over the past 1,300 years in the predominant Christian nation of Egypt. There has always been prejudice, Christians have always endured a second class position in Egyptian society, but until the arrival of fundamentalist Muslim Morsi, things were not OK, but not this not OK. Once in office, the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi went wild attacking Christian establishments, churches and homes. The US State Department claims that at least two hundred Christian business establishments have been attacked along with 43 churches. Christians have witnessed attacks by their Muslim neighbors who somehow claim that Christians were responsible for the overthrow of President Morsi by the armed forces along with the support of a majority of Egyptians. Yes, Coptic Christians were in Tahrir Square-along with Muslim Christians.

The State Department warned American tourists to be careful this week since MB mobs will be out to get Christians. One gets the feeling that Santa Claus will not be coming down chimneys in Egyptian homes this Xmas. Oh well, just another example of how the spirit of good will emerges when people of ANY religion come together to celebrate peace and love to all.

Then again, is Egypt on the visiting schedule of Santa?