Chuck Chuck Say Republicans

Chuck Hagel, former Repulican senator has upset members of his  party because of disagreement with their wild ideas regarding Iran and Israel. In particular, defenders of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and those who seek “action” against Iran demand that President Obama appoint someone as Secretary of Defense whose main goal is defending Netanyahu’s foreign policy and bomb the hell out of Iran. Hagel also made the incredible comment that a “Jewish Lobby” is present in America rather than saying, “Israel Lobby.” Of course, it is perfectly OK to say, “Armenian Lobby” or “Polish Lobby” but for some protectors of Bibi Netanyahu, the word, “Jewish” indicates that one is an anti-Semite.

Chuck Hagel understands that if the US bombed Iran, Hezbollah would send thousands of missiles into Israel, riots would  break out in many Muslim nations, and some suicide bombers would appear in Israel cities. I  assume such incidents would lead Republicans to blast the Obama administration for causing violence in the Middle East.