Chuck Hagel-Israel Best Friend?

Republicans in Congress are rallying behind the flag of Israel money and alleged Jewish votes in order to block the nomination of fellow Republican Chuck Hagel as the new Secretary of Defense. Senator Lindsay Graham warned that appointing Hagel was placing in power an “antagonistic figure when it comes to the state of Israel.” Hagel has angered the current government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by urging talks with Iran and warned against allowing the Jewish lobby in America from influencing our foreign power. So, what is the problem.

Hagel is the best friend Israel can possess. He understands that Iran must be diplomatically engaged in serious negotiations. He understands that Israel’s future entails forging peaceful relations with Palestinians. He understands Israel must cease seizing land from Palestinians and NEGOTIATE. He understands the people of Israel must COMPROMISE in order to become part of the Middle East. It cannot continue a policy of hate and power. In the end, such a policy will only lead to violence.