Chuck Hagel, Real American

There is such an animal as the “Jewish Lobby” although for some reason the use of these words transforms one into a bigot. We discuss the Armenian lobby, the Irish Lobby, the Greek Lobby, the Farm Lobby, but it apparently is not kosher to use the word, Jew, without being termed an anti-Semite. Former Senator Chuck Hagel has been nominated to become Secretary of Defense and Republicans and the Jewish Lobby are up in arms because Chuck used the expression “Jewish Lobby.” He is also charged with being “anti-Israel.” Actually, those using that expression really mean-anti Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Hagel wants to parlay with Iran rather than shoot with Iran.  He wants to focus on diplomacy and avoid war. Of course, if he became Secretary of Defense he would be the first enlisted man to do so, the first who fought in Vietnam, and the first who knew the meaning of war and death. As Senator Durbin  said: “he served our nation in combat.” How many loud mouth senators have done that??