Chuck Schumer Finally Speaks Reality!!

Since day one of the current administration, this blog has argued focus in the initial days of Obama’s presidency should have been on one topic: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Some advisers did urge the newly elected president to study Franklin Roosevelt’s initial days in office. FDR blasted the wealthy as the cause of our Depression. He did not appoint those from the banking and Wall Street world to lead the fight for dealing with a Depression. His key advisor was Harry Hopkins, a former Social Worker! Franklin Roosevelt understood that people wanted work, that people had to eat –TODAY — not tomorrow. Barack Obama’s model was Ronald Reagan! This Republican president busted unions and catered to the wishes of the wealthy.

Senator Chuck Schumer finally spoke reality as to why the Democratic party today is in trouble with voters. In 2009, when Democrats controlled Congress, they could have passed laws dealing with creating jobs, but instead of jobs, President Obama turned “our attention towards healthcare reform instead of the growing problem of income inequality. (Health care) “was a worthy goal, but it wasn’t at the top of the to-do list of most Americans.” Most had some form of health care insurance.

Today, it is not too late to focus on what Americans want–JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

What can Obama do?

1. Fight for job creation.

2. Fight for higher minimum wages.

3. Require that any program receiving federal money must pay a $15 an hour minimum wage.

4. But, first Barack Obama must understand the importance of weekly press conferences where he discusses these issues. Then, he must recognize going around America speaking specifically how jobs can be created.