Church And State -Founding Fathers

The comment by Ron Santorum concerning his feeling of being ready to “throw up” because John F. Kennedy urged separation of church and state simply reflects the incredible ignorance by so many Americans concerning religious beliefs by the Founding Fathers. They lived in an age in which government had imposed religion upon the masses. Pilgrims left England because the government was imposing religious ideas that were contrary to their views. The Founding Fathers wanted to create a government in which no religious practices would be imposed on the nation.

Santorum makes ridiculous statements that President Kennedy was making an anti-religious statement. He was stating the views of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Adams, etc.. They did not support the idea of religion being part of the government. Theodore Roosevelt was infuriated that “God” was mentioned on money.

I never cease being amazed how little is known about the “Founding Fathers” by those claiming to support the ideas of the Founding Fathers.