Church Of Opulence

I recognize there are Christians in this world who believe in the words of some guy who lived two thousand years ago and said some words about how one should be concerned about the poor. There is a bishop who resides in Germany by the name of Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Eist, who not only devotes much space to printing his name, but also needs a lot of space in which to live. He just spent about one-third of the bishopric’s wealth on a place he could call home. Tabartz enjoys the good life and enjoys eating well, traveling well and doing all those things Jesus did when He traveled around the Mediterranean area. Perhaps, Jesus indulged himself with a $25,000 bathtub, I do not know, but the Bishop of opulence sort of runs to those kinds of persnonal gifts. I realize there are some poor folk in Germany, but which comes first, a $35,000,000 home for the man of God or a few marks spent on the poor?

It is rather fascinating that German bishops have nothing to say about this Man of God, but they certainly have much to say about not allowing female priests or two guys or two gals making out by getting married. Let’s face it, Jesus preached for the interests of the wealthy. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Republican member of Congress!