Church Sanctuary, A Modern Twist

In Medieval times a thief could seek sanctuary from arrest by fleeing to the safety of a church. In modern times, the thief would never risk his safety by seeking refuge in a Catholic church, but those who violate the law as members of the Catholic Church retain the sanctuary of being safe from prosecution by being members of the clergy. Four more cases in Denmark have come to the surface and X number of victims are somewhere in Denmark hiding from the glare of publicity, and, most probably, so are the priests who abused them.Father Niels Engelbrecht took the responsibility of seeking out victims only to learn most remain silent and live with the long term impact on their sex lives of having been abused.

It is fascinating the Catholic Church of Denmark does not regard it has a legal responsibility to report all cases of sexual abuse to authorities. The process of healing begins when those who abuse confront their own lives as well as the lives they have damaged.