Churov Rule Rules In Russia!

The Soviet Union ended about twenty years ago and Russians expected the long nightmare of state terrorism had drawn to an end, but, alas, their hopes were dashed when former KGB agent, Vladmir Putin took over as president and preceded to end the first steps taken to democracy in a nation that hungered for basic freedoms. Putin became furious when Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a wealthy businessman, dared to challenge him in the political arena by supporting those who did not agree with Putin. The result of challenging a man who knows he is always right is to be sent right to jail. After seven years in a Siberian prison, Khodorkovsky was once again taken to court for another farce that is known as justice in Russia. Again, he was convicted at what most European observers deemed a trial in which the judge, the prosecutor and most witnesses either lied or were incompetent. Again Knodorkovsky is being sent to jail for seven more years.

As the “trial” concluded. Khodorkovsky said it was merely the working out of the “Churov Rule.” Several years ago, Vladmir Churov who headed an election commission said that Putin was always right, and if he’s not “it means I have misunderstood something.” Yes, you misunderstood the meaning of a free, impartial trial.