CIA Admits And Lies

The CIA finally admitted that it played a role in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh who headed Iran in 1953. Of course, books have been written describing how Elliot Roosevelt(grandson of Teddy Roosvelt) worked with the British M16 to foster a “popular rebellion” against Mossadegh. According to the CIA hogwash, “the risk of leaving Iran open to Soviet aggression compelled the United States… in planning and executing TPJAX.” That was the name of this coup.

The truth. In 1951, Prime Minister Mossadegh held several meeting with then Secretary of State, Dean Acheson to seek help in obtaining higher royalties from British oil companies. Acheson agreed that Iran was entitled to more money, discussed the issue with British leaders and could not get them to pay Iran more money. The Soviet Union had nothing to do with this issue, is was all about British greed. That is the truth!!