CIA And Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai admitted that his government received millions of dollars from the CIA during the past decade. The money was delivered in suitcases, in backpacks, and even in shopping bags. Karzai insists the money was only used to bring peace and prosperity to his land. Under no condition did his government used this money for other than programs to aid the poor or build roads and hospitals. Rumors of payments to war lords, to drug dealers, to fellow officials or to himself are absolutely not true. Hamid is a man of God, he is a man with only one concern-the welfare of his own people.

There might be some rumors about money going to drug lords, heck, there might even be some rumors that his brother was into the drug trade. But, since the CIA is only concerned with peace and charity, we can rest assured no money ever went to other than beneficial work for the people of Afghanistan.

Oh, Karzai did say something about money from Iran.