CIA Blames Al-Qaeda For Bhutto Death

CIA Diector Michael Hayden claimed there was proof the killing of Benazir Bhutto was committed by agents of al-Qaeda. “You’ve got this nexus now,” he said, “that probably was always there in latency, but is now active: a nexus between Al-Qaeda and various extremist and separatist groups.” Many people in Pakistan argue the Musharraf government had a hand in the death of Bhutto, but, the American CIA apparently has its own sources which point elsewhere. President Musharraf insists the February 18 election will proceed according to schedule and ruled out the formation of any national unity government prior to the electorial process.

Of course, President Musharraf requested an investigation by Scotland Yard concerning the killing of Bhutto, but the CIA apparently has trumphed the English police by establishing the cause of death. Unfortunately, most Pakistanis will not believe anythingthat emanates from the CIA and will await the Scotland Yard conclusion. There may be times when silence from the CIA would be beneficial.