CIA In New York City?

The CIA was created after the end of World War II in order to provide the nation with an agency that focused on events throughout the world. The domestic aspect of America was protected by local and state police as well as the national agency known as the FBI. It was very specific in creating a spy agency that it spied throughout the world, not at home. A formerly classified report from the inspector general indicates that CIA agents worked with the New York City police. As an unofficial part of the NYPD these CIA agents were engaged in surveillance activities within New York City. These agents had access to NYPD facilities, reports and could engage in investigations within the United States of America.

Oh well, so what is new? Someone shouted, “National Security” and everyone in sight agreed to ignore the Constitution and “cooperate.” We inhabit an America in which there is an ambiguous line between domestic and foreign. In a sense, everything is open to spy agencies. After all, they protect us from “terrorists!!”