CIA Lied To Danish Government About Rendition Flights

A Danish TV documentary aired on Wednesday night has created a storm of protest from Danish government officials and the general public. “The CIA’s Danish Connection” alleges flights operated by the American Central Intelligence Agency used Greenland airports as key refueling points when transporting terrorism suspects without seeking permission from the Danish government. According to the program, at least one of the flights was piloted by an individual who was connected to the kidnappig of a German citizen. The German, Khaled al-Masri, has charged he was kidnapped in 2004 by CIA agents and held for five months in a US operated prison in Afghanistan.

The CIA has left the Danish government holding the proverbial bag. Danish officials have repeatedly told members of parliament that no American flights involved in the rendition of alleged terrorists ever passed through Danish territory. After viewing the documentary, Foreign Minister Per Stig Mailer commented: “This is evidence that I haven’t seen before. The evidence shows that the US has used civillian aircraft for government flights.”

The Danish government issued a statement to the nation: “There should be no doubt about what the govenment’s position. We do not see lightly on illegal transports. The govenment is categorically opposed to actions that violate the detained’s rights– including illegal prisoner transports.”

Riht wing American pundits undoubtedly will begin their mantra about the “ticking bomb” which necessitated lying to the Danes. It is pleasant seeing a government when confronted with evidence accepting responsibility and pledging the mistake will not be repeated.